Wipe Coat Galvanized Steel has been specifically designed to replace primer painted Cold Rolled Steel and provide durability.
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Wipe Coat Galvanized Steel is competitive to Cold Rolled Steel in the initial purchasing price. With the use of Wipe Coat Galvanized Steel doors and frames, you have excellent resistance to corrosive elements as both the inside and outside of the products have zinc coating protection. You can, therefore, expect considerably longer life-expectancy with Wipe Coat Galvanized Steel.

Wipe Coat Galvanized Steel offers excellent paint adhesion characteristics making it easy to paint without special paint. The special sacrificial protection provided by the zinc coating means that the doors and frames require minimal maintenance compared to Cold Rolled Steel.

With the zinc coating itself providing excellent corrosion protection, why paint galvanized steel? The first reason is aesthetics. The most practical way to colour galvanized steel is to paint it. The second reason is extended service life. Painting the galvanized steel retards the weathering of the zinc coating but permits the galvanic action of the zinc to provide cathodic protection to bare steel exposed at scratches or cut edges. A tightly adherent paint film on galvanized steel lasts longer than it would on non-galvanized steel because the zinc helps prevent the rusting and blistering that almost invariably cause failure of the paint film long before it has weathered away. Paint and zinc together will help to extend the rust-free life as compared to unpainted galvanized steel or painted non-galvanized steel. In addition, when the paint film on galvanized steel finally deteriorates from chalking, recoating is easy with a very minimum of surface preparation.

Painting of galvanized steel in not difficult, but here are some requirements which must be met, or premature film through peeling and loss of adhesion will be likely. These requirements are: good surface preparation, suitable weather conditions at the time of painting, the use of oil base paints intended for use on steel products, and following the paint manufacturer's instructions. This is similar to good painting practice for any steel door and frame.

  1. Remove soil, cement spatter and other surface dirt with a brush, a scraper or other suitable means.
  2. Remove oil or grease by wiping or scrubbing the surface with rags or brushes wetted with mineral spirits. The final wiping should be done with clean solvent and clean rags or brushes. Otherwise, the oil and other contaminants are merely spread over the surface. When using an appropriate solvent, always follow the manufacturer ís directions carefully. Do not wash a galvanized steel surface with vinegar, muriatic acid or other acids. These products do not improve paint adhesion in any consistent way.
  3. Allow the surface to dry completely.
  4. No special primers are required on lite wipe coat galvanized steel.
  5. Apply paint to a clean, dry surface only.
  6. Use top quality oil base paint.
  7. Check the recommendations on the label.
  8. Carefully follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for applying paint on the label.
  9. Fit the paint program to the job to be done. View the lite wipe coat galvanized steel as a primer coat and apply finish coat(s) as noted above.
  10. Ample drying time should be allowed to elapse between coats if more than one coat is applied.

Following these simple rules will result in a successful job insuring the beauty and long life of the door and frame.


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