Trillium Steel Doors can fabricate lead-lined doors and frames to meet your special requirements.
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The lead-lined fire labelled assembly bears an 1 1/2 hour Warnock Heresy label. Lead-lined Door Assemblies are available for single openings in sizes up to 4' -0" x 7' -2" x 1 3/4" and pairs of doors up to 2 / 4' -0" x 7' -2" x 1 3/4". Frames are available in either 16 or 14 gauge in both standard and custom jamb depths.

Doors are available in 18 and 16 gauge, slab, with a variety of hardware options.

Lead lining is available in both 1/16" (as standard) and 1/8" thicknesses for both labelled and non-labelled doors.

Lead-lined frames are available with hospital profiles or sanitary base. Non-labelled frames are available in a variety of custom profiles including sidelite units.

We believe that the addition of these new products allows for greater variety of designs with labelled doors than has been previously available on a "quick delivery" basis. Architects and designers can now have more latitude with the design of labelled lead-lined steel doors and frames without the penalty of long delivery lead times.


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