The result of newly completed fire testing by Trillium Steel Doors enables us to fabricate labelled doors with Irregular Shaped Door Lites.
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The door assembly bears a 1 1/2 hour Warnock Hersey label. The lite can have up to 100 square inches of exposed glass. The lites are available from three sided up to eight sided lites. The lites can have irregular (non-rectangular) shapes. These irregular lites are available for all 1 1/2 hour labelled 20, 18 and 16 gauge doors.

We have expanded our listing for round lite kits in labelled doors. The round kits are available in 304, #4 stainless steel or standard wipe coat galvanised steel. The lite kits are available for 1 1/2-hour applications with 100 square inches of exposed glass.

The round lite kits are available for 3/4 hour applications with up to 706 square inches of exposed glass per lite (which is a 30" diameter). The lites require a nominal 6" rail at the sides. A 24" diameter kit would be used for a nominal 36" wide door.

We believe that the addition of these new labelled lites allows for greater variety of designs with labelled doors than has been previously available on a "quick delivery" basis. Architects and designers can now have more latitude with the design of labelled steel doors without the penalty of long delivery lead times.


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