We are pleased to offer several alternates to meet the demanding conditions placed upon standard 4 1/2" template hinge reinforcing on frames and doors.
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  Our hinge reinforcements are all galvanized 8 gauge steel for maximum durability.

Trillium uses a reinforcing plate on doors and frames that is longer and wider to offer increased resistance to twisting or bending. We spot-weld the reinforcement at eight points on each plate for increased strength and stability. When frames will be exposed to high frequency use or subjected to heavy weight doors, we add to the strength of the hinge reinforcement by welding the ends of the plate to the frame across the width of the plate.

Most door malfunction complaints can be attributed to door hinge reinforcing failures.

Where 41/2" template heavy duty hinges are required, the hinge plate has removable projections to allow for heavy duty hinges to be used. All Trillium's doors and frames prepared for 4 1/2" high template hinges come with the provision for heavy duty hinges to be used. The reinforcements can be modified for 41/2" heavy duty hinges with the use of a drill or a small grinder in the field as required. If heavy duty 4 1/2" template hinges are specified at the time of order, the factory will prepare the reinforcements to accept heavy duty hinges.

When dealing with problem door openings, we take the hinge reinforcement and add the extra
welding along the edge of the plate similarly to what we do on the frame. The result is superior strength applied to the area that is conducive to most failures of doors.


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